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BimaNet is the only independent aggregator of lives in Kenya whose main objective is to provide affordable, better value for money life insurance directly to the public. Linda  Fanaka, BimaNet’s flag ship product  is a ‘5 in 1’  bundle of LIFE  insurance with living benefits and it is now available at a 75% discount directly to the public.

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Linda Fanaka


Linda Fanaka, provides maximum protection and financial security to a member’s family in the unfortunate event of their passing, hospitalization, disability or upon being diagnosed with a critical illness. Our welfare fund also pays a cash back bonus for no claims and doubles the member’s sums assured by our underwriters without a corresponding increase in annual premiums. Unlike conventional insurance, admission to the Linda Fanaka scheme is automatic and immediate – there are no medical exams or waiting periods imposed. We have also extended the age limit of senior citizens up to 75 years young!


We protect more families by getting the uninsured affordably insured.


Linda Fanaka is a combination of the following Benefits;  

  1. A 5-in-1 bundle of LIFE Insurance products and
  2. A Welfare Fund which augments these benefits.

We are different


The BimaNet Welfare Fund doubles your cover and pays a no claims 'cash-back' bonus without a corresponding increase in premiums. This Fund becomes operational at the beginning of the individual’s 3rd year of membership.

Linda Fanaka is the only life insurance policy in Kenya which does NOT present you an inflexible, complicated multi-year life insurance product. This is a simple annual contract which you may cancel at anytime without exposing yourself to the punitive consequences for default.

  • All claims are lodged with the BimaNet customer care department and we follow-up with the underwriters to ensure that your benefits are processed timeously without complications.

For the first time in Kenya, individuals and employees of SMES (under 20 pax) can now access a Group Life scheme and save up to 75% on their premiums by riding on the BimaNet platform. For example, if a 40 year old non-smoking male procured an equivalent Linda Fanaka VIP cover directly from the underwriter, his premiums would cost him Ksh 160,000/ year as opposed to Ksh 59,700/ year by riding on the BimaNet platform.

You can now access comprehensive Life Cover without undergoing rigorous medical tests. Linda Fanaka applicants are only required to complete a simple health questionnaire.

Unlike conventional life insurance premiums which escalate with age, all Linda Fanaka members between the ages of 18 and 75 years pay the same premiums.

We protect more families by getting the uninsured affordably insured.

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BimaNet is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Kenya

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